How to Play Tennis: The Basics of the Game for Beginners

Great news: You don’t have to be born with a racquet in your hand to learn how to play tennis. In fact, this classic game is one of the most accessible sports you can take up as an adult. Many parks offer low-cost memberships, and most towns have at least one public court where you can get started for free. If you’re thinking about getting into tennis, this guide will get you on your way. Find out what equipment is needed, what skills are required, and where you can find a partner or instructor to get started.

The Basics of Tennis

Tennis is a game played between two players (or two teams) on a court. The aim of the game is to win more points than your opponent. Points are scored when a player fails to return the ball within the rules. Tennis is played with a racket and a ball on a rectangular court which has a net in the middle.

The players must play the ball above the net and inside the court boundary lines. A player wins a point when his/her opponent fails to return the ball within the rules or commits a fault. The first player or team to win six points wins the game. Tennis is played wearing tennis clothes such as tennis shoes, shorts, and a shirt. The racket is carried in the hand.

There are two types of court used for tennis: grass and hard surface. The grass court is used in Wimbledon and other lawn tennis tournaments. The hard court is made of wood or synthetic material.

How to Play Tennis for Beginners

The first step to learning how to play tennis is to choose a racket. Rackets are available in a variety of sizes, weights, and materials, and you may want to talk to an expert to make sure you get the best racket for your game.

Once you’ve got your racket, the next step is to find an open court where you can start playing! After you’ve selected the court you’d like to play on, make sure you check the posted rules to make sure your play is following the rules.

Once you’re ready to start, you’ll want to serve the ball (or you can let your opponent serve first if you prefer). You’ll want to stand on the opposite side of the net from where your opponent is standing.

The next step is to hit the ball over the net and into the court. To do this, you’ll want to follow the proper tennis grip, aim your shot, and swing your racket.

Rules of Tennis

There are a few basic rules that every tennis player should know. The first and most important rule is that the ball must be played above the net. If a player fails to do so, they are given a fault. The next rule is that the ball must be played within the boundaries of the court.

If the ball hits the net on the fly, the point continues. If it hits the net after rebounding off the court, it is a fault. The third rule is that a player wins a point when his opponent fails to return the ball within the boundaries of the court. There are also rules regarding the scoring system, how points are awarded, and when a game is won.

Types of Court

There are two different types of court used for tennis: hard court and grass court. Hard court is made of wood or artificial material. The grass court is made of natural grass. The dimensions of a tennis court are made up of a 29-foot baseline and a 9-foot net.

Playing Conditions

No matter which type of court you play on, a few conditions will always be the same. You can expect to play in all kinds of weather, from hot and sunny to cold and rainy. You can also expect to play on all types of surfaces, from grass to rubber and concrete. These playing conditions can affect how you play, so it’s important that you learn how to adjust to various conditions.

The Gear You Will Need

If you want to play tennis, you need a few things. The first and most important item you will need is a tennis racket. The right tennis racket will depend on the type of game you want to play. You will also need tennis shoes, tennis clothes, and a tennis ball.

How to play tennis step by step

How to Hold The Tennis Racket

Holding the racket correctly is crucial to improving your game. Here are the basics.

You should hold the racket with your two hands, resting the handle in your palm and fingers. Your thumbs should be perpendicular to the racket’s shaft, pointing in a downward direction. Your grip should be firm and relaxed at the same time.

You can make sure that you are gripping by squeezing the handle with your fingers. You should also make sure that you have a balanced grip by using both of your hands equally.

There are different grips that you can use while holding the racket. “One-handed” is the most common; it provides a lot of control while keeping one hand free to play with your opponent or to pass.

“Two-handed” is another option; it gives more stability but less control than one-handed tennis. “Three-handed” is a highly specialized technique used in professional tennis; it gives extreme control but limited mobility. The choice is yours!

How to do a Tennis Serve

Source: instructables

A tennis serve is the first thing that a tennis player does in the beginning of a point. The purpose of a serve is to get the ball over the net and into the court. To do this, you hit the ball so that it bounces up high off your racket.

A good serve will hit the ball high, fast, and with as little spin as possible. By hitting, spinning and bouncing your serve all at once, you can maximize your chances of getting the ball over the net. You can also use a slice serve, which starts low and ends high.

This serves to bounce higher than other serves, helping you reach more volleys on your opponent’s side of the court. A great serve should be strong enough to keep pace with your opponent’s shots while still allowing for some movement.

How to do a Tennis Forehand

Tennis forehands are the most common tennis shot and are used to attack the opponent’s court. They are also good for moving around the court, as they can be thrown high and serve as a great passing option.

When doing a Tennis Forehand, start with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Your arm should be held straight out in front of you, palm facing away from your body.

You should then lift your arm up and forward at an angle of 45-60 degrees, depending on your preference. The key to success is to keep your arm close to your body so that the speed and power comes directly from your shoulder and arm muscles.

Once you have lifted your arm fully up and forward, follow through with your hips by rotating them toward the target area. At this point, you should be ready to hit the ball! When hitting a Tennis Forehand, make sure that you swing down and not up.

This will allow for a more powerful and accurate shot that will go farther than if you were to swing up and hit it flat instead. To increase accuracy on a Tennis Forehand, use a full range of motion when swinging.

Go all the way over top of the ball with each swing so that you can get the most out of each one. Also make sure that you don’t swing too hard or too fast by keeping good control over your tempo.

How to do a Tennis Backhand

Backhand tennis is a unique variation on the traditional tennis court game. Rather than hitting the ball with your forehand, you hit it with your backhand instead. The backhand is the opposite hand from the dominant hand (right-handed players use their left hand to hit the ball, while left-handed players use their right).

Backhand players can generate extra power and momentum by holding the racquet close to their body and swinging it across their body rather than into their target.

While there are many techniques for hitting a backhand, there are two basic approaches that most tennis players follow: the “neutral” position and the “open” position .

Neutral means that the racquet faces perpendicular to your body, with no angle pointing up or down. Open means that the racquet points at an angle toward your body. A third option, called a “closed” position , is similar to neutral but has one additional element: You should always keep your wrist close to your elbow when you swing.

The best way to practice hitting a backhand is to swing at a net using both open and closed positions . Then try hitting against a wall using only open positions. Doing so will help you get used to how much movement you need to make when hitting a backhand.

How to do a Tennis Volley

The tennis volley is an all-purpose shot in tennis where a player hits the ball close to their opponent’s feet. This shot is used to keep the ball in play, as well as to get over the net and attack or defend. The main skills needed for this shot are hitting power, precision and consistency. The ideal height for players is between 100 and 140 centimeters.

One of the keys to successful volleys is good anticipation of the return. A good volleyer must be able to anticipate how the ball will bounce, so they can take the right position during their swing.

They also need to have a good sense of their own speed, so they can adjust their stroke accordingly. A volleyer should always try to keep the point short and simple; complex shots lead to more errors. A lot of practice is also required for a player to develop consistency and precision with this shot.

How to Choose a Tennis Racket for Beginners?

There are a variety of factors to consider before purchasing a tennis racket. These include the player’s height and weight, as well as preferred grip style, racket size and weight – whether it be lightweight or heavier.

Other factors to consider include the rubber that is used in the racket and its durability. In addition, it is important to ensure that the racket does not have a weakened frame or head that can break easily if hitting an errant ball with too much force.

There are many different types of tennis rackets available on the market today, each with their own unique features. When choosing a new tennis racket, it is important to consider your personal preferences and needs when selecting a racket.

For example, a player who prefers to use their dominant hand may prefer a larger grip size and weight than those who favor using their non-dominant hand.

It is also important to consider what type of playstyle you prefer when selecting a racket; for example, if you like to hit balls harder or softer than your opponents, then you may want to choose a lightweight racket that has less weight and more flex in order to make it easier to maneuver.

What is Your Tennis Level?

The game of tennis is a challenging and rewarding sport. Regardless of your skill level, there are several ways to improve your game and continue enjoying the sport. If you’re just starting out or want to amp up your game, identifying where you fall among other players is important.

There are five primary types of players when it comes to tennis; they are: beginner, intermediate, advanced beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Discover which one you fit into best with this helpful guide!

What is a Beginner Tennis Player?

A beginner tennis player is just that; a beginner. This tennis level is for someone who is just starting out in the game. If you’ve played tennis before, but are just starting again after a break or injury, you may also fall under this category.

If you’re just starting out, then you’re probably pretty unfamiliar with tennis terms, rules, and regulations. As a beginner tennis player, it’s important to learn the proper rules and regulations of the game.

You’ll also want to brush up on your tennis terminology so you can better communicate with others on the court. Playing at this level may mean hitting the court with friends and family, or you may find yourself playing in beginner’s tournaments. At this level, it’s best to play with others who are similarly skilled since the game will be more fun and competitive.

What is an Intermediate Tennis Player?

An intermediate tennis player varies a bit from beginner and advanced beginner levels. An intermediate tennis player is someone who has played and practiced the sport for some time but is still working on their technique and skills.

At this level, you understand the game and can move around the court pretty well. You may also know some basic tennis strategy and how to return and hit a ball.

At this tennis level, you would be best playing with other intermediate players. You’ll have the best time enjoying the game, and you’re all ready to challenge each other to get better!

Intermediate tennis players usually play in casual games, like in a league or at a tennis club. You might also play in a tournament at this level, though you’ll probably be seeded lower than higher-skilled players.

What is an Advanced Beginner Tennis Player?

An advanced beginner tennis player has been playing for a while and has a grasp on the rules and regulations of the game. This tennis level is for someone who is still learning the basics and getting used to playing tennis, but they’re ready to start challenging themselves.

If you’re just now getting used to playing tennis after a break or injury, you may also fall under this tennis level. At this tennis level, you’re ready to play with other advanced beginner tennis players.

This is the best way to challenge your skills and improve your game. You can also play in beginner tournaments if you feel like you’re ready for a more competitive atmosphere.

As an advanced beginner tennis player, you’re ready to start getting into more advanced strategy and techniques. This is the best way to improve your skills and get ready for the next level!

What is an Advanced Tennis Player?

An advanced tennis player is someone who is comfortable with the basic rules and regulations of the game. At this level, you have a solid grasp not only on your game but on other players’ games as well. You’re ready to play against other advanced tennis players.

At this tennis level, you’re ready to play with other advanced tennis players. You’re ready to challenge yourself and get better while playing with others who are at the same skill level as you.

At this tennis level, you’re ready to play in more competitive tournaments and against other advanced tennis players. You’re ready to start strategizing your shot and game, and you have the skills to back it up!

What is an Expert Tennis Player?

An expert tennis player has been playing for a long time and has mastered the game. This tennis level is for someone who has played for many years and has a great grasp of the rules and regulations of the game. You’re an expert at the game of tennis! If you just keep playing and practicing, you’ll keep getting better!

At this level, you’re ready to play with other expert tennis players. You’re ready to challenge yourself and get better while playing with others who are equally as skilled.

You’re also ready to play in more advanced tournaments and be seeded higher than other players. You’re an expert at the game and are ready to show everyone how it’s done!

Choosing Your Handedness and Turn

The first decision you will have to make when learning how to play tennis is choosing which hand you will use to hit the ball. Most people are naturally right-handed, but left-handed people are not uncommon.

If you are a leftie, you may want to switch to right-handed tennis. Once you have chosen your dominant hand, you can turn. If a ball is hit to your left and you are not expecting it, you can turn to face the ball in order to return it. If you are expecting a ball on your left, you can keep your back to the ball and play it with a forehand or backhand.

Strategies for Beginners

– Learn the basics. Being a beginner means that you don’t know everything about the game. While you may be eager to start playing and improving, you need to take the time to learn the basics. Start with the grip and the proper way to hit the ball.

– Practice makes perfect. You can’t expect to be a pro at tennis after a few tries. You will need to practice regularly, and it may take you a while before you become good at the game. So, don’t be discouraged if you don’t improve quickly.

– Practice with a friend. If you want to learn how to play tennis quickly, practice with a friend. Having someone to play with can make the game more fun and help you learn more quickly because you have someone to push you.

– Go to a tennis lesson. If you don’t know anyone who plays tennis, you can go to a tennis lesson. These classes are a great way to learn more about the game and meet other people who also love tennis.


Ah, the sport of tennis. It’s a game for people of all ages, skill levels, and interests. Whether you’re hoping to compete at the highest level, or if you’re simply looking for something to do outside with friends and family, tennis is a great option. And, with all the health benefits associated with the sport, it’s easy to see why so many people love it.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up a racket and get out on the court! Now that you know all about tennis, you should try it. This game is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. You should try tennis if you want to get some exercise, meet new people, make some new friends, or if you want to play a game you can play your whole life.

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